In Pakistan the females are tired of being regarded as the lower class and have started to demand for equal rights. In the year 2006 a law was passed that worked on improving the rights of the ladies, but it has not been implemented as of yet.

There are times when women go out to open a bank account, apply for a visa, or even want to buy a house; they are always asked to provide their brother, father, or husband name. This has become a part of the ladies lives and it proves that the females do not get equal rights in Pakistan. There are many ladies that work and try to establish their careers so that they can earn a living and become well educated in society.

There are also those ladies in our country that do not get much freedom and are treated as slaves. Many husbands, fathers, and brothers feel as if they are the head of the family and the goal of the daughter is to just take care of the family and cook for them. These girls are often seen as a burden and are not educated by the family. In order to get married to a good husband they usually have to have a dowry, after they get married they are required to move in with the family of the husband and work for them. In Pakistan most people believe that it is better to have a son then a daughter because the son can be educated and earn a living for the family, where as the daughter is seen as a burden.

In order to increase female rights we should spread awareness in society and encourage the ladies to pursue their goals. It is not that these ladies do not have dreams of becoming a successful teaches, doctor, or lawyer it is just that society does not give them the chance to acquire their dreams. It is due to the lack of education that these females are unable to secure a place for them in society and are seen as part of the lower class.

The rights of women in Pakistan are greatly restricted and they are unable to accomplish their dreams because they will be judged by society. Gender equality was guaranteed in the constitution in the year 1973 but there have been no measures to implement this. If the women of Pakistan want to become successful then they must work hard to achieve their goals. If they want to prove that they are just as equal to males then they should take a stand and fight for their rights. If all the women of our country work together to educate each other then we can improve the condition of our country and to some extent even increase the illiteracy rate among females in Pakistan. This is a tough task but it is not an impossible one, if we really want to secure female equality then it is time to stand up for what we believe.